Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Satango Silk(Humor Hub)

SATango Silk:  Humor Hub
Satango : Sikrai Atul’s Tango.
Silk        : See its laughter knocking.

Who is Atul Sikrai : Online Entertainer .

About Atul sikrai: Writer of Funky Jokes, Rhymes and Satire. True stories, news stories (political satire) tricks of sick politics, political bullshit, economic comedy, rhyming celebrity biographies and their crimes, reality shows, murders and sex crimes rhymed.
There's no business like my business. People say I'm funny, but my objective is to get your money. I like to poke fun at anyone.

About Satnago Silk:
 Poke-a-Joke at Celebrity Folks.
Nursery Time Rhymes.
Creative Funky Jokes &
Satirical Rhymes to Blow Your Mind.
Rocking Humor

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Thanking you

Atul Sikrai
Humor Officer
Satango Silk.

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